Biopharma Supplier High Purity New England Undergoes Major Hiring Initiative

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High Purity New England, a supplier of custom biopharma solutions, is undergoing a major hiring  campaign to onboard more than 100 new employees between now and January, to staff their  growing manufacturing and corporate offices located about 45 minutes south of Boston in Northern  Rhode Island. 

In addition to their recruiting efforts, they have taken to placing an electronic billboard on the busy  road along their building just off of I-295, due to the immediate need to fill manufacturing positions which will directly support COVID-19 related production. They are also actively working in conjunction  with the government program “Operation Warp Speed”.  

The company, while already on an exponential growth trajectory for the past 6 consecutive years,  has exploded in 2020, as the industry rushes to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, the  company opened its second facility and office space near their current headquarters and is on the  cusp of expansion once again. 

“Demand for our products is higher than ever before,” says Mark A. Sitcoske, Founder & CEO of HPNE.  “The pace of manufacturing has increased dramatically. We are hiring for a lot of positions with a  heavy focus on manufacturing, needing everything from Clean Room Assemblers and Production  Supervisors to Product Managers and Warehouse team.” 

He added, “We are glad to be continuing on our impressive growth trajectory and we are very glad  to be supporting the local economy in a time when unemployment numbers continue to increase.” 

HPNE supplies the biotech, pharma, and life-science industries with a range of products, including  their flagship product, custom single-use assemblies. They maintain distributors throughout Europe  and California and continue to expand their teams as they prepare to launch new products in 2021.  High Purity New England is currently providing flexible, single-use solutions to companies developing  vaccines in the fight to combat COVID-19. 

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For additional information, images and interview opportunities, please contact, Chloe Wigsten at HPNE: [email protected] | 401.207.7183| Twitter: @highpurityne | Facebook: @highpurityne | LinkedIn: /high-purity-new-england

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