3/29/21 Virtual Congressional Briefing on Safety Measures & Other Events on Health and Advocacy

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Safety is a top concern on Capitol Hill and in districts across the country, not just for Members of Congress but for Capitol Police, staff, constituents, and visitors.

Unfortunately, the January 6th events were not isolated. We remember all too well the 2017 shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise during a practice for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, the 2011 attack of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords that resulted in the death or serious injuries to her, her staff and constituents, and the 1998 shooting in the Capitol where a Capitol Police officer was killed. Through an expert panel, including law enforcement, this briefing will share information on personal ballistics protection, impact resistant materials for walls, desks and doors, and bulletproof glass that are all lightweight and effective in securing safety. These insights and tools apply to all people and places – individuals, vehicles, buildings and public venues that include schools, places of worship, businesses, government buildings, stadiums, theaters, restaurants and can even be carried in purses and backpacks as a constant, active means of safety.

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