Accelerating The Next Generation Of Immune Medicine With Cellular Proteomics with the University of Rhode Island

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Join our webinar to discuss the IsoPlexis product suite capabilities and how it’s cellular proteomics and functional phenotyping is addressing urgent challenges central to unlocking the next stage of personalized cancer immunotherapies and identifying immunological mechanisms in infectious disease. With single-cell proteomics barcoding and detection of a full range of cytokines (30+) per single cell, across thousands of single cells, the IsoLight platform is showing the unique value of resolving the heterogeneity of a variety of immune cell types.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Identify functional pathways driving therapeutic resistance and develop combination therapies to combat resistant cell states and resolve tumor heterogeneity
  • Understand the functional differences of tumor antigen potency in bi-specifics
  • Pinpoint the unique polyfunctional monocyte cell types that drive tumor suppression
  • Reveal choice of durable candidates for novel nanoparticle cancer vaccine
  • And other single-cell functional proteomics cases in cell and gene therapy, cancer immunology, inflammation and neurology, oncology, and infectious disease


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