Advancements in Cancer & Thyroid Health

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Bio Advancements
CAR T: A New Game-Changing Therapy in Cancer Treatment and
Mitigating Recurring Negative Trends in Thyroid Heallth & Improving Care

Next Wave Innovation and Life Sciences

Thursday, May 26, 2022

4:00-7:00 pm

Two exciting presentations offer a glimpse into the latest exciting Bio Advancements. 

Cancer: CAR T-Cell Therapy is an incredible, relatively new cancer treatment that engineers a patient’s own cells to hunt and attack cancer cells. With a number of newly FDA-approved products on the market, this personalized, next-generation treatment is a powerful tool for treating advanced forms of blood cancer and bringing newfound hope to patients and families while changing the treatment paradigm and approach in cancer care. Come learn about the amazing innovation of CAR T, how it works and the potential benefit to patients, and why supporting medical innovation is so critical to patients and our shared future. Joe DeStefano, Senior Clinical Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb will engage the group on questions around CAR T and a diverse set of stakeholders will be there to discuss issues of importance and the value of medical innovation.

Thyroid Health: The thyroid is our internal metabolic driver, the gland that allows us to live and breathe, deserving of significant self care and optimization. In honor of World Thyroid Day 2022, Bambi Layne Corrigan and Serge Njamfa of Sci-Layne Inc. will discuss its importance and thyroid metabolic optimization, and introduce the newest platform in real time thyroid health monitoring with thyroid diagnostic wearables for optimization with precision daily dosing. Bambi and Serge bring a combined 60 years of chemistry, validation, electronics and diagnostics know-how. A miscarriage in 2007 and a hypothyroid diagnosis complete with thyroid cancer shortly thereafter nudged Bambi out of her chemistry and validation comforts zones and into the critical need for optimizing thyroid dosing and general thyroid care, which led to the founding of Sci-Layne Inc. Sci-Layne Inc focuses on Individual Optimized Thyroid Metabolism through precision dosing. 



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