Commercialization Seminar Series 3/23: “Pitch Perfect: Crafting an Effective Pitch Deck” with NEMIC

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In this Workshop, participants will have the chance to learn the tools needed to build an effective pitch deck and put those tools to use by building a pitch deck of their own. Participants will be able to access NEMICs pitch template to build a framework for their business and strategic plans as they move forward through development.

Speaker Bio

Aidan Petrie is a founding Partner of NEMIC (New England Medical Innovation Center), New England’s Med Tech venture studio and a Fellow of the Provost at RISD, focused on intersections between user centered design and healthcare. He is a member of Cherrystone Angels and a mentor and adviser to many startups. He also co-founded the MagpieX MedTech Accelerator Fund. MagpieX provides pre-seed capital investment, along with clinical and regulatory expertise to Med Tech and Digital Health startups, through a synergistic partnership with NEMIC. Aidan’s passion for innovation and design has helped bring hundreds of products to market that range from simple drug compliance aids to wearable therapeutics, home monitoring products and complex surgical systems. Aidan was the founding partner of Ximedica, one of the world’s leading medical device developers. Ximedica integrates regulated devices with connected systems to provide the next generation of healthcare solutions. Aidan remains the Chief Innovation Officer Emeritus and holds over 100 patents.


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