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Med Tech | Making the right product, and making it right

Next Wave Innovation and Life Sciences

Thursday, May 19, 2022

4:00-7:00 pm

The pandemic turned a spotlight on Diagnostics and Life Sciences as the country struggled with outbreaks. The private sector developed new methods and novel technologies while the government made R&D funds available to quickly scale new solutions to the masses. But there was a missing link.

Transforming a novel idea or a working benchtop assay into a commercial product requires more than funding. With expertise in product development, engineering, human factors, design for manufacturability, regulatory strategy, and other key disciplines, Veranex helped medical device companies with concepts, designs, pilot builds, and market launch.  We’ll hear from two Veranex experts and from their client Dr. Jack Regan, who will describe his entrepreneurial journey with them.

The presentation will also be available virtually.

Who should attend:
Anyone interested in medical device development, including researchers, entrepreneurs, clinicians, students, scientists, and investors. Reserve your spot today<link>!

Carol Malysz, Executive Director, RI Bio

Featured Speakers:

Michael Harman, Director of R&D Engineering, Veranex
Michael brings over a decade of applied engineering and science academic research experience across disciplines of infectious diseases, cancer biology, device design, and biophysical modeling. Previously he served as project lead for collaborative research initiative; completed a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology; and completed a dual appointment post-doctoral fellowship with the Dept. of Surgery at RI Hospital and the School of Engineering at Brown University.

Fernando Oliveira, VP Strategic Development, Diagnostics & Life Sciences, Veranex
Fernando manages current and existing accounts, expanding relationships with clients across business units, and serving as an engagement architect to ensure Ximedica/Veranex’s approach properly fits each client’s expectations and program goals. He has over 15 years of clinical diagnostics experience in product development, production and manufacturing, technical support, and business development. 

 Jack Regan, PhD, CEO & Founder, LexaGene
Dr. Jack Regan is a successful entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of LexaGene, a publicly traded company. He is the inventor of the company’s automated pathogen detection system, MiQLab®.  Before founding LexaGene, he led a team of scientists at Bio-Rad Laboratories in developing tests for detecting pathogens, cancer and neurological disorders using droplet digital PCR.



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