PMWC 2021 Virtual – Precision Medicine in the Era of a Pandemic Recovery

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There is a max capacity this time around, so not everyone can join. Register today to secure your spot.

Agenda + free registration link (based on first come first serve): PMWC June 14-18 Virtual

See you there!

Tal Behar
President, PMWC – The Precision Medicine World Conference

June 14-18 Program Overview:

Select Sessions (PST):
June 14 10am: SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines Update / Boosters (Moderna, Pfizer)
June 15 10am: Electronic Health Records to Support a Public Health Response to COVID
June 16 1pm Paths to directly engage rural & underrepresented communities to better access to medical innovations offered by precision medicine
June 17 10am: New COVID Variants Detection and Tracking
11am: Fireside Chat: Lee Hood, Providence with Francis Collins, NIH
June 18 10am: FDA and Lessons Learned; How Clinical Data and Clinical Research Will Speed Progress in Precision Medicine
11am: Personalized, Proactive Value-Based Care: Emerging New Models with Healthcare system leaders


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