RI Innovator Series: Cancer Innovator – Alcinous Pharmaceuticals

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How do you bring your novel drug or device to life? Gain insight from entrepreneurs who’ve faced this challenge and innovated their way from lab to market. In each session of our new series, our innovators will share how they advanced their product or therapy from concept to clinical and commercial success.  Join us to learn how they overcame the challenges of securing funding, clearing scientific roadblocks, and navigating the competitive biotech landscape to get started on the path to commercialization.


Alcinous Pharmaceuticals strives to design and develop therapeutics for aggressive cancers. Founded in 2016 by three PhD students at the University of Rhode Island, this startup uses a novel drug discovery pipeline in tandem with their innovative team to develop new classes of therapeutics.

They design and develop new molecules that modulate the activity of well-established protein targets related to oncology and other pathologies. Their computational and synthetic approaches facilitate the identification and development of novel target ligands and new therapeutics.


  • Carol Malysz, Executive Director, RI Bio
  • Bongsup Cho, PhD, Program Director – RI-INBRE/DRIVEN


  • Patrice Milos, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Operations, Pine Trees Health


  • Nicholas DaSilva, PhD, CEO, Alcinous Pharmaceuticals
  • Kenneth Rose, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Christine Smith, Managing Director Innovation, Rhode Island Commerce
  • Bob Chatham, Director, Slater Technology Fund
  • John Round, Entrepreneur in Residence, RI Bio

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