RI Innovator Series: Determining Patentability

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It’s a question at the back of every innovator’s mind: can I patent my work? Join us for a Zoom presentation with Q&A time to learn about the business of intellectual property and determining the patentability of an invention through a patent search, customized to the life sciences. The experts from Keeley DeAngelo, LLP will explain:

  • Types of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, and trade secrets, specific to biomed
  • Conditions of patentability; patentable and non-patentable subject matter
  • Limitations of patenting medical procedures vs. apparatuses
  • Prior Art
  • Applying for a patent: process, general costs, a timing and timelines
  • How to conduct a prior-art search with examples specific to life sciences


Carol Malysz, MBA, Executive Director, RI Bio 


Scott Keeley
Registered Patent Agent
Scott has 16 years of experience in intellectual property. He has engineered products from guitars to wind turbines, with green energy powering much of his innovative output.

Regina DeAngelo,
Technical Writer and Patent Researcher
Regina has a background in technical writing for the healthcare industry.



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