Sex and Gender, Medical Research, and Our Community: Redefining Women’s Health in Rhode island

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Current clinical practice is based on knowledge from scientific literature that historically has been based on research in men with underrepresentation of women. Men and women differ in physiologic, anatomic, hormonal, behavioral and other ways that impact health and well-being. Good clinical practice calls for consideration of sex and gender in disease understanding, screening, and management. Sex differences start at the cellular level, and these differences impact clinical presentation of disease, treatment management, pharmacodynamics, and intervention adherence. Clinicians need to be aware of such differences to deliver equitable care and better the lives of the girls and women that they treat.

The Sex, Gender, Medical Research, and Our Community Series is a regional collaboration dedicated to engaging thought leaders in research, education, and clinical practices that impact the health of women. Opportunities to expand multi-disciplinary networks, receive valuable guidance from regional experts, and obtain state-of-the-art resources to advance scientific research and clinical care will be provided.

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