The Aduhelm FDA Approval: Fresh Insights and Opportunities

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The three months since the FDA’s approval for Aduhelm has seen heated debate, a label clarification and the initiation of a Congressional investigation. Above all, it has given hope and opportunity.

From the viewpoints of key players in industry and academia, our panel will discuss the approval and its implications, including why it was controversial, the opportunities it brings, and the key steps the industry can take to forge the path ahead to developing earlier diagnoses and affordable therapies for the over 35 million Alzheimer’s Disease sufferers around the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • The opportunities ahead spurred by the Aduhelm approval
  • What it means for Alzheimer’s patients
  • Key steps academia and industry can take to forge the path ahead
  • Implications for other approaches and neurodegenerative disease areas



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