WEST: Spring Networking Event

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Are you feeling cooped up by working from home every day, and longing for some social interaction? Looking to keep building your community and resilience to make it into the post-covid world? Then come join us for our Spring Networking Event. Participate in facilitated networking activities designed to engage you with the wonderful women in the WEST community.

We’ll be gathering on a new service called Gather.town, a virtual space where we can network and bump into each other like in the pre-pandemic world. There will be group breakout sessions by field, by hobby, and an ability to share resources that help build your network and continue to grow your career. Join us, both during the gathering and afterwards, in sharing ways we can stay connected, support each other, and stay focused on the things we can control in our work and in our lives.

The evening before the event you will be given access to the Gather.town room, so you can test your A/V, make an avatar, and be ready to network on June 10th.

Date and Time: 
June 10, 2021
5:30-7:00 PM EST

5:30-5:50pm: Intro, Virtual Networking Tips, Inspiring Networking Keynote
5:50-6:00pm: Breakout Rooms by Career Field
6:00-6:10pm: Breakout Rooms by Hobbies
6:10-6:30pm: Gather.Town Designated Topics
6:30-7:00pm: Open Networking in Gather.Town


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