RI Innovator Series: Access to Capital

REGISTER » Discover how to: Find Capital Get Pitch Ready Make the Ask Taking an idea from concept to product/therapy takes more than a great idea, it takes serious capital. But where do you find it and how do you access it? Finding investors and capital has always a challenge for early-stage enterprises located in […]

Impact (Sustainable) Investing

More and more individuals are seeking the peace of mind associated with having an investment portfolio aligned with their values. This discussion will explore how investing with an impact lens, i.e. considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, enables everyone to spot companies with a strong capacity for long term value creation. MORE INFO »

Career Possibilities: Business Development and Intellectual Property


In the world of business, careers are no longer linear or predictable. What was once a clearly sign-posted path as you progressed through milestones, a career road map is now circuitous presenting new challenges and opportunities at every bend. Life-long careers in one sector or one company are becoming a rarity as new technologies and […]

Communicating for Interpersonal Effectiveness

Focusing time on personal development to become more self-aware can offer benefits that help individuals and teams become more effective, at work and in broader contexts. Working to uncover aspects of yourself that you may not be fully aware of can support your development journey, and can have positive impacts on those around you.  Through this […]

Building Your Personal Advisory Board

Are you looking to take on a new leadership role or make a career transition? Are you ready to advance your career trajectory with clarity, confidence and a support system dedicated to helping you succeed? In order to achieve this next level of success you want to ensure that you have mentors and coaches on […]

The Anxious Go-Getter: Keep The Achievement, Lose The Anxiety

Imagine a life where you remain as successful, productive, and appreciated, without that ever-exhausting weight of anxiety accompanying you behind the scenes every step of the way. To those with high functioning anxiety, these ideas may seem like only distant dreams. In this talk, Courtney, an anxious go-getter herself, will show you how all of […]

In It Together – Sharing impactful stories and supporting each other

Join us for a fun and interactive session of peer-to-peer storytelling presented in a unique game-show style format. Participants will have an opportunity to share short anecdotes relating to a variety of topics including overcoming challenges, celebrating proud moments, and balancing work and life. This will be followed by optional breakout rooms to encourage further […]

Conquer Impostor Syndrome to Advance Your Career

Do you hesitate to speak up because you worry that you’ll sound foolish? Do you question whether you have what it takes to successfully perform your role? Do you worry that the people around you are so much better qualified than you are? If so, you likely struggle with Impostor Syndrome, a term for the […]