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Patent protected FLEXITAB technology delivers flexible and precise dosing from a single extended release tablet

CUMBERLAND, RI – May [31], 2019 – TEDOR Pharma Inc., a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization with an 18-year operating history, is pleased to announce its partnership with Altus Formulation as the exclusive North American licensee and provider of FLEXITAB technology. FLEXITAB is an innovative, patent protected, commercially validated technology that produces extended release tablets that can be taken intact or broken cleanly and precisely resulting in two to four, dose proportional, extended release segments. Unlike conventional extended release tablets that can cause overdoses if broken, the Safer to UseTM properties of FLEXITAB technology provide peace of mind to the physician and patient while the multiple strengths generated from a single tablet allow simple progressive titration, tailored to the individual patient’s needs. Although development costs for FLEXITAB are no greater than those for a conventional extended release tablet, FLEXITAB provides clear cost-effective differentiation in the marketplace and novel product labeling. FLEXITAB tablets are also alcohol-insensitive and will not dose dump when exposed to alcohol, even after prolonged exposure. TEDOR is excited to offer its North American customers the wide range of benefits of FLEXITAB technology:
• Manufactured with conventional equipment
• Employs only simple and proven ingredients
• Cost-effective differentiation versus conventional extended release life-cycle management
• Robust patents granted in North America, South America, and Europe.

“All of us at TEDOR are thrilled to be partnering with the Altus team on offering FLEXITAB to North America,” said Doug Drysdale, President and Chief Executive Officer of TEDOR. “The simplicity of the FLEXITAB platform means that products can be developed rapidly and made more cost-effectively than conventional extended release tablets. This technology is a fantastic, revolutionary way of protecting patients from the dangers of dosing inconsistency.”

Damon Smith CEO of Altus commented “We were extremely impressed by the capabilities and customer orientated approach of TEDOR. Their extensive experience and deep understanding of the pharma market, coupled with their focus on innovation with quality, makes TEDOR the ideal partner to extend the value of FLEXITAB to North America.

TEDOR Pharma is a specialized Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization with a strong track record of success in developing and manufacturing solid dose products, including DEA-scheduled products, for life science customers. Over the past 18 years, TEDOR has helped customers meet their project timelines, achieve regulatory approvals and solve many formulation challenges from development through to large-scale manufacturing. For more information, please contact Terry Novak at [email protected]

About Altus Formulation Inc.
Altus Formulation is a Quebec based drug formulation and development company using its proprietary and patent protected drug delivery technologies to generate novel, differentiated and cost-effective new products for its partners and their patients. With a focus on Safer to Use™ formulations, Altus’ technologies include Intellitab™ abuse deterrent technology, Flexitab™ breakable extended release tablets and SmartCelle™ technologies for delivery of low solubility large and small molecules. For more information, please contact Louise Fortin [email protected]

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