We are the catalyst for the region’s life sciences.

As the professional trade association and hub for the life sciences in the greater Rhode Island area, we advance the industry and professionals through education, collaboration and advocacy. We share information and resources, provide access to capital, and create industry connections. The result is:

  • advanced innovations that change the world and improve lives,
  • increased visibility and influence for the sector, and
  • increased business opportunities and economic impact.

In short, we help science advance, so science can advance lives.

Number of biotechnology workers in RI who are healing, fueling and feeding the world

Number of biotechnology companies & organizations in Rhode Island

Average annual salary of a biotechnology employee


Rhode Island’s health and life sciences industry concentration is 31% higher than the national average

Number of institutions in RI collaborating on neuroscience research (Brown, URI, Lifespan, Care NE, and Providence VA)


To grow the life sciences economy in Rhode Island and Southeastern New England.


An equitable world where the life sciences are accessible to all, where science and innovation can flourish, and where people and companies feel empowered to improve our health, protect our climate, and nourish humanity.

RI Bio History & Timeline


Rhode Island has an array of tools and growth incentives to help companies expand, locate and innovate in RI.  Rhode Island offers incentives, credits, and grants that can help your business in a host of ways. To make sure companies understand and take advantage of these incentives, CommerceRI staff works one-on-one with you to design the right tax approach.

Life Sciences Ecosystem

Our goal is to transform RI’s Life Sciences industry cluster into an innovation ecosystem where all members of the cluster work well individually and together.

Why Life Sciences?

It’s fascinating, life-enhancing work that can shape the future. Life Sciences can be defined as the branch of science studying living organisms and life processes. They harness cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies, therapeutics, and products that transform lives and improve the health of our planet. Crucial to human life, it is often said that life science workers are treating, protecting and nourishing the world.

  • It’s an exciting, rapidly growing field with constant breakthroughs.
  • It offers future-proof, family-sustaining jobs.
  • It encompasses a wide range of study in marine, agriculture, climate and medical arenas, with jobs in areas as diverse as sustainable aquaculture, agricultural cross-pollination, vaccine development, gene therapies and more.
  • You can make a real difference: combat debilitating and rare diseases; reduce our environmental footprint; feed the hungry; use less and cleaner energy; and have safer, cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes.
  • It’s not just science – skilled workers are needed for product strategy, manufacturing, policymaking, software engineering, sales & tech support, finance, business management, project management, patient care and more.

Why Rhode Island?

Rhode Island’s ideal location in the Northeast boasts all the benefits of major commercial centers, including easy access to top companies, all manner of transportation, and world-class universities. The region’s robust, innovative tech infrastructure features the best broadband service in America. Our companies draw top talent at all levels from across Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. 4.7 million talented workers live within a one-hour commute of Providence, Rhode Island’s largest city. Each year, 100,000+ students graduate from the diverse ecosystem of universities within an hour from Providence. In addition, Rhode Island is building the best tech pipeline in the country with innovative programs in all K-12 schools. And, Rhode Island will be the first state to achieve the goal of including computer science curriculum in all schools.

Key Enablers of Bioscience Innovation

Five key enablers drive innovation capacity for the entire RI Life Sciences Innovation Ecosystem and will help us achieve our vision.

Support translational scientific research, creating a deep asset pool leading to new company creation.

Build Entrepreneurial Culture and Capital with investment channels for new RI company creation.

Develop the workforce & grow jobs.

Build enabling infrastructure to support new company creation.

Leverage key knowledge areas to transition from cluster to ecosystem.