Invest in innovation, opportunity & economic impact.


An equitable world where the life sciences are accessible to all, where science and innovation can flourish, and where people and companies feel empowered to improve our health, protect our climate, and nourish humanity. That’s RI Bio’s vision, and you can help make it a reality.

Through the RI Bio Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, you can invest in programming and innovation that can change the world and transform lives.

The foundation’s goal is three-fold:

  • Deepen our impact by Helping Patients, Educating Rhode Islanders, Building Community & Embracing Diversity,
  • Increase our investment in the people and companies who drive life sciences, and
  • Create sustainable, stable income to support our mission.

    Working together, RI Bio and the RI Bio Foundation can execute our mission:

    To cultivate entrepreneurship, advance education and training, promote collaboration, and showcase innovation to ensure a high-value life sciences and healthcare community that improves patients’ lives, strengthens our economy and enhances the quality of life in Rhode Island.

    Why support the RI Bio Foundation?

    We’re all about the science. We support innovators, students, clinicians, institutions, and corporations in their efforts to advance science. We grow the life sciences ecosystem so we can improve patient health, protect our climate, and nourish humanity. 

    Direct giving opportunities include:

    • Life Sciences Institute education and training
    • Women in Science speaker series, mentoring and training programs 
    • RI Innovator Series webinars showcasing innovation and scientific advancement
    • Entrepreneurial Resources & Support for startups and small businesses
    • Life Science Advisors who foster connections and offers resources to innovators

    How to give

    The RI Bio Foundation is flexible in its approach and we work with donors to best align programs with your organization’s strategic initiatives and needs, and welcome your conversation.

    Choose a monthly sustaining gift or a one-time gift in any amount that’s right for you. All gifts are tax-deductible. We’ve made it easy through our online giving portal.