Knowledge gives you the power to change lives.


Imagine a new life. And the skills to get there.

RI Bio is dedicated to advancing the development and delivery of therapeutics and products that transform lives. To do that, we offer training courses that increase knowledge, job opportunity, and employment value. Whether learning a new skill or honing existing ones, this is the place to be.

Our current training courses include:

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Shared insights fuel connections & collaborations.

Working together and sharing what we’ve learned unleashes creativity and increases innovations. RI Bio boosts sharing within the Life Science ecosystem through a variety of topcial, interactive forums. Here colleagues share insights and best practices, offer new strategies and discuss lessons learned. 

Our current forums include:

Check back soon for new programming.

Panel Discussions

Pooled expertise accelerates learning.

Change is constant in the Life Sciences, but how do you keep up with it all? RI Bio gathers the big thinkers, the trailblazers and the industry innovators to bring our members the latest thinking through lively panel discussions that present, inform, and address timely issues. Here you’ll get the facts, the pros and cons, the challenges and solutions.

Our current panels include:

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