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This series gathers the big thinkers, the trailblazers and the industry innovators to share insights from entrepreneurs who have innovated their way from idea to marketplace. In each session, they discuss how they advanced their product or therapy from concept to clinical and commercial success, including overcoming funding challenges, clearing scientific roadblocks, and navigating the competitive biotech landscape on the path to commercialization. 

“This was a great event! Networking was certainly the most important aspect for me. It is important to create connections and get to know who is going to invest in your start-up before you need the capital and not in the moment that you need it!”

-Emanuele Raggi, PhD

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  • Webinars that address relevant topics key to the advancement of science and innovation.
  • Targeted outreach program and collaboration to raise awareness about innovation and scientific advancement. 
  • Guest honorariums for our Innovator Series speakers. 
  • Targeted communications, marketing and partnering with like-minded organizations to enable the Innovator Series program to multiply its impact. 

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