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    Whether you’re displaced due to COVID-19, a returning veteran, want to upskill for a better career, or a student interested in exploring the future, this free, virtual course gets you started on the path to science and a rewarding, future-proof career. And it’s not just for science nerds – biotechnology offers many different opportunities to make a positive difference in the world around you through science and innovation. The work is fascinating and potentially life-saving.

    Once you’ve completed the course, take advantage of the opportunity to receive job coaching & job search assistance with Skills for Rhode Island’s Future. They can help you meet with employers looking to hire!


    • RI Resident
    • Interest in science, technology, engineering & math (STEM)
    • Access to a computer and internet connection

    From Our Graduates

    “Each module contained information that I found fascinating.”

    “I learned a lot of different subjects, and within those subjects more detailed information that I would not voluntarily seek if not for this intro course.”

    “I really liked the virtual part, where I could go at my own pace and I loved the reminders. As a mom of three remembering is something I’m trying to improvise and the reminder helped me get it done.”

    “Everything was super easy to access and provided clear instructions of how to complete each module, quiz and download extra materials.”

    “I appreciated getting updated information on topics which I took course work in many years ago.”

    “The trainer was very good at explaining materials in a very simplified way, gave analogies that made it easier to understand, and kept us engaged with the topic.”

    “It was interesting to learn about topics that we hear of in the news, for example the COVID-19 vaccination.”

    “The lectures were clear and concise. The slides were interesting and easy to understand as well.”

    “For someone who does not have a background in science, biology, technology, etc. I found the material and lectures easy to follow and understand.”

    “I love how the training made me see biotechnology from a more positive angle now.”

    “I liked the information that I learned and the simplicity of the quizzes as well as the convenience of taking the course at my own pace in my own space.”

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    • Rapidly growing field with constant breakthroughs
    • Nearly 500 bioscience companies in RI & need for skilled professionals rising
    • Entry-level salary $37-40K, average annual wage $92K


    • Use of natural/biological processes by industry to manufacture products such as medicine and food
    • Includes marine, agricultural, climate and medical arenas
    • Many types of work available: R&D, product strategy, manufacturing, policymaking, software engineering, sales & tech support, finance, business management, project management, patient care


    • Virtual training from URI Pharmacy Development Institute in the STEM fields
    • 6 class modules, typically takes 10 hours to complete
    • Delves into current trends in biotechnology spanning aquaculture, biological therapies, genetic engineering, medical devices, and pharmaceutical, antibiotic and vaccine development
    • Earn a Certificate of Completion


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