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Last spring, no one expected remote work to last this long. We all rose to the immediate challenge, but as remote work becomes a long-term and possibly permanent shift, your employees may need new strategies to remain engaged, connected, and productive. You can help. Offer your employees our six livestream online courses to help them learn skills and techniques that help them collaborate and be successful, and as a result, meet company objectives. The training offers a combination of asynchronous and virtual training, with virtual one-on-ones with our trainer and work-related assessments. They are provided free to employees of RI Bio member companies – choose as many as apply to your people.


  • Negotiating Boundaries and Clarifying Job Expectations
  • Multi-Channel Interpersonal Communications
  • Managing Your Day-to-Day Productively
  • Building Productive Relationships
  • Navigating Difficulties and Managing Disruptions
  • Creating Visibility and Advancing Your Career as a Remote Professional

Remote Worker Training sessions are sponsored by RI Bio and the RI Department of Labor & Training’s Back to Work RI Program. 

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Mari Anne Snow

Mari Anne Snow

CEO, Sophaya


Mari Anne Snow Founder and CEO, Sophaya Mari Anne is a recognized remote work expert with over eighteen years’ experience helping organizations use remote work and distributed team strategies for cost-effective business growth and competitive market advantage. 


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