Top pharma industry predictions for 2021

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In many ways, the beginning of 2021 isn’t just one of the most welcome New Years of the modern era — it could also be a turning point between the pre-COVID and post-COVID worlds.

Perhaps more than most other industries, the landscape of pharma was radically altered by the pandemic. Now, with an end to the coronavirus within reach, experts say that the industry will soon be taking stock of how it navigated the pandemic and what the sudden shifts in operations and regulations could mean in the long-term.

Here’s a look at some of the top trends experts say will impact the industry in 2021 and predictions about how the pandemic could permanently change life in pharma.

Infectious disease investments will increase

“To date, oncology indications have been the most attractive target for capital investment in both the pharma and biotech sectors. While many new modalities, ranging from CRISPR to mRNA and cell therapy have gained momentum, they are predominantly aimed at various liquid and solid tumors.  In the past, infectious disease, irrespective of COVID, received a comparatively marginal amount of investment despite having a greater impact on overall global health.  The new found value in Gilead’s repurposed remdesevir, developed for Ebola but finding success in COVID, may motivate pharma and investors alike to allocate greater resources to currently lower value, but greater impact, infectious disease indications beyond coronaviruses.”

~ Jay Round, entrepreneur in residence, RI Bio 

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